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Sweden Cricket Team Guide

The Sweden cricket team is an associate member of the International Cricket Council and sees all of its ongoing games overseen by the Swedish Cricket Federation. This country, alongside a number of other Nordic international cricket teams, has begun to be more predominant in the world of cricket today.

History of Sweden Cricket Team

Sweden actually has a lengthy history with cricket, with the first cricket club in the country being founded in 1883 in Gothenburg. A founder named Erik Blidbert had actually picked up the game in London and subsequently brought his passion for the game back to his homeland. In 1990, the Swedish Cricket Federation was formed, with the Sweden cricket teams subsequently becoming an affiliate member following this. The nation became an associate member in 2017 and was granted T20I status alongside all other associates in 2018 by the ICC.

Top Run Scorers In Sweden Cricket Team History

Right-arm batter Abhijit Venkatesh was the first player for the Sweden cricket team to make it past the 200-run mark in T20I cricket. Wynand Boshoff and Hamid Mahmood are other notable batters, the latter being the first to record multiple half-centuries for his nation in the same cricket format. 

Top Wicket Takers In Sweden Cricket Team History

Zaker Taqawi was the first player for the Sweden cricket team to surpass 20 runs in T20I cricket, with him also being the first to record multiple 5-wicket games for his nation.

Memorable Games For The Sweden Cricket Team

During a tour to Denmark in August 2021, the Sweden cricket team made their T20I debut after having it granted 3 years prior. This saw the Swedes face off against the Denmark cricket team, in which they began the game by fielding. In just 3.5 overs, Hassan Mehmood managed to take 5 wickets from 14 balls, residing the Danes to just 111 runs. Although this was an inspirational target to chase, the Swedish batters struggled to get going, with Abhijit Venkatesh putting in the best performance at the crease despite only managing 27 runs from 31 balls. Although the Sweden cricket team lost out by 8 runs, it still marked a milestone for cricket in the country.

Rivals Of The Sweden Cricket Team

Although this is not purely down to cricketing reasons, the Sweden cricket team would likely consider the Finland cricket team and Norway cricket team as rivals due to there being many other rivalries between these nations in other sports.