Montserrat Cricket

Montserrat Cricket Team Guide

Montserrat, a mountainous Caribbean island and British Overseas Territory, is known for its volcanic landscape and lush rainforests, but not necessarily the Montserrat cricket team. Cricket is a popular sport here, reflecting the island’s British colonial history.

History of Montserrat Cricket Team

The Montserrat cricket team has been a part of the island’s sports fabric for many years. The team started playing informally before organising officially. They have participated in regional tournaments against other international cricket teams and have had varying degrees of success, though they haven’t won major international tournaments.

Where Does The Montserrat Cricket Team Play?

Montserrat’s home matches are played at venues like the Little Bay Cricket Ground, a picturesque setting that embodies the island’s natural beauty. The team occasionally plays in other cities or islands for regional competitions. However, the Montersat cricket team had a home ground that could be dated back to the 1920s, but this was destroyed alongside the town of Plymouth in a devastating eruption.

Former Captains of the Montserrat Cricket Team

Several notable captains have led the Montserrat cricket team over the years. While the team has had limited success on the international stage, these captains have been instrumental in fostering cricket culture on the island. One of these captains who’ve pushed the team forwards is McPherson Meade. 

Rivals of the Montserrat Cricket Team

As a smaller cricketing nation, the rivalries of the Montserrat cricket team are primarily with neighbouring island teams in the Caribbean. These matches are often spirited, reflecting the deep passion for cricket in the region. Some of these teams include the Nevis cricket team and Guyana cricket team

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