Israel Cricket

Israel Cricket Team Guide

The Israel cricket team represents Israel in international cricket. Geographically part of the Middle East, they are members of the European Cricket Council. They regularly participate in the European Championship and have been an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1974.

History of Israel Cricket Team

Cricket was introduced to Israel by the British, and the game continued to develop after the British left in 1948. The Israel Cricket Association was formed in 1968, following the establishment of the first national league in 1966. The Israel cricket team became an ICC associate member in 1974 and made their official international debut against the USA cricket team in 1979. They have participated in various ICC tournaments, reaching the plate competition of the ICC Trophy in 1990 and 1994. The team has also faced challenges, such as political demonstrations during the 1997 ICC Trophy in Malaysia.

Memorable Games For The Israel Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Israel cricket team was their June 2022 T20I debut. The year before, they gained T20I status, with them marking the occasion by playing against the Portugal cricket team. The game would take place at the Royal Brussels Cricket Club in Belgium, and here the Israel side would win the toss, choosing to field first. Portugal continued to take wickets consistently throughout their innings, with Amandeep Singh taking 3 of the 8. Despite this though, Portugal still managed to score 155 runs. As the Israel cricket team stepped up to the crease, they struggled to replicate the Portuguese consistency, falling short by 47 runs at the end of their 20 overs. Despite this result seeing them come out unvictorious, it still marked a monumental moment for Israel in the cricket team.

Rivals Of The Israel Cricket Team

While the Israel cricket team doesn’t have any serious rivals, they have played against the Spain cricket team and the Hungary cricket team