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Located in the Mediterranean, the Republic of Malta is an archipelago known for its rich history, sunny weather, and cultural attractions. But aside from its world-renowned prehistoric temples and the medieval streets of Valletta, Malta has a developing cricket community that is eager to leave its mark on the other international cricket teams.

History of Malta Cricket Team

Cricket in Malta has its origins traced back to British military and naval personnel stationed on the island during the colonial era. As for the Malta cricket team, it is relatively young compared to the older, more established teams. They have participated in various European tournaments under the umbrella of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and while they haven’t clinched major titles, their growth and dedication to the sport are commendable.

Where Does The Malta Cricket Team Play?

The Malta cricket team predominantly plays their home matches at the Marsa Sports Club in Marsa. This venue is equipped with the facilities required to host international matches and has been a huge part of cricketing development in Malta.

Former Captains Of The Malta Cricket Team

Over the years, several individuals have had the honor of captaining the Malta cricket team. Captains like Bikram Arora have had a major impact on their international side’s performance. It’s evident that each captain has played a pivotal role in promoting and elevating the sport within the country.

Top Run Scorers In Malta Cricket Team History

One of Malta’s top run scorers is Varun Prasath Thamotharam, who has had over 1000 runs for the Malta cricket team in T20I matches, also being one of the first to score a century for his country in this format.. Another of Malta’s top run scores is Bikram Arora. B Arora has over 700 runs for his national team. 

Top Wicket Takers In Malta Cricket Team History

Malta has had many cricket players for their international side, who’ve seen great success in their time playing. One of the top wicket takers that the Malta cricket team has had is Waseem Abbas, with him being the first to surpass 50 wickets and one of the first to take 5 wickets in a single game.

Memorable Games For The Malta Cricket Team

While the Malta cricket team might not have participated in ICC Cricket World Cup matches, they have had their fair share of nail-biting finishes and memorable victories in regional tournaments.  A particularly memorable set of matches was when the Malta cricket team participated in the Pan European T20 Tournament which was played in Hungary. In this tournament they went unbeaten and won the title. Teams like the Czech Republic, Russia and Hungary cricket team took part in this competition. 

In 2018, the Malta cricket team gained T20I status, playing their first official game in this format against the Spain cricket team the following year. Although Spain dominated this match, winning by 7 wickets after only conceding 3 in 12 overs, it still marked an important milestone for cricket in Malta.

Rivals Of The Malta Cricket Team

Given the regional nature of many of their tournaments, the Malta cricket team often finds itself competing against other European associate and affiliate members. While they might not have intense rivalries like some of the other playing nations, their contests with other European countries,  like the Italy Cricket Team, Gibraltar cricket team, Cyprus cricket team and Belgium cricket team often carry a competitive edge.