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Eswatini Cricket Team Guide

The Eswatini cricket team represents Eswatini, a province in Southern Africa, in international cricket. Administered by the Eswatini Cricket Association, the team became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2007 and an associate member in 2017. They compete in the World Cricket League Africa Region and the ICC Africa Twenty20 Championship.

History of Eswatini Cricket Team

Cricket was introduced in Eswatini during the 1970s by expatriates who had come for work. The country began playing international cricket in 1981, with the Zambia cricket team touring for a two-match series. In 2007, Swaziland was accepted into the ICC as an affiliate member and Eswatini swiftly followed suit, gaining associate membership in 2017.

Where Does The Eswatini Cricket Team Play?

The team plays its home matches at international grounds located in Malkerns and Manzini.

The ground located in the town of Malkerns, this ground is one of the primary venues for hosting international cricket matches in Eswatini. Malkerns is a scenic town known for its lush landscapes and vibrant local culture. The Malkerns Country Club Oval, with its well-maintained pitch and spectator facilities, offers an ideal setting for cricket matches. The serene environment, coupled with the passionate local cricket fans, makes it a unique venue for the sport in the region.

The other ground, Manzini, is one of the largest urban centers in Eswatini and is a hub of activity. The cricket ground in Manzini serves as another key venue for the Eswatini cricket team. Given its location in a major city, matches played here often attract a larger crowd, making for a lively atmosphere.

Former Captains Of The Eswatini Cricket Team

Melusi Magagula has been captain for the Eswatini team on a number of occasions, leading his nation out against a range of international cricket teams.

Memorable Games For The Eswatini Cricket Team

One of the memorable matches was against the Mozambique cricket team in the 2018-19 ICC T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier, where Eswatini secured a victory thanks to both consistent batting performances and key wickets being taken throughout the match.

Another of the team’s most memorable games was against the Lesotho cricket team, with this marking the country’s debut in T20I cricket.

Rivals Of The Eswatini Cricket Team 

There are no out and out established rivalries between the Eswatini cricket team and other countries, however, the country has played a number of competitive matches against the Ghana cricket team and Malawi cricket team.