Costa Rica Cricket

Costa Rica Cricket Team Guide

Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity and progressive environmental policies, is also home to a burgeoning cricket scene. The sport, originally introduced by Jamaican immigrants, is gradually gaining popularity in the country, with the Costa Rica cricket team beginning to establish itself in the world of cricket today.

History of Costa Rica Cricket Team

Cricket was introduced to Costa Rica in the late 1800s. The Costa Rica cricket team, organized by the Costa Rica Cricket Federation, became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2002 and an associate member in 2017. Their first match against an international cricket team was in 2006 during the Central American Cricket Championship​​.

Top Run Scorers In Costa Rica Cricket Team History

Some of the most notable run-scorers in T20I for the Costa Rica cricket team include Joel Cutinho, Nanda Kumar, and Sachin Ravikumar​​.

Top Wicket Takers In Costa Rica Cricket Team History

Some wicket-takers in T20I for the Costa Rica cricket team are Sudesh Pillai and Oswald Sam Arthur, each taking 4 wickets, followed by Zain ul Tashnam and Sham Murari with 2 wickets each, all in 2019​​.

Memorable Games For The Costa Rica Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Costa Rica cricket team was their T20I debut in 2019 after gaining full format status the year prior. In this they would play against the Panama cricket team, another emerging nation from the Americas. Costa Rica batted first, putting up an impressive 112/5, with Joel Cutinho scoring 32 of these. However, the Panama side batted just as strongly, only coding 3 wickets as they finished on 113 runs with over 4 wickets to spare. Despite it being a debut loss, this still marked a milestone for the Costa Rican side.

Other notable achievements for the Costa Rica cricket team include participating in the Central American Cricket Championship, where they finished 2nd in 2007, and winning the inaugural Easter Cup in 2008​​.

Rivals Of The Costa Rica Cricket Team

The Costa Rica cricket team has developed rivalries with other Central American teams, often competing in regional tournaments like the Central American and South American Cricket Championships​​. Some of the teams which they have had close games against over the years include the Belize cricket team and the Mexico cricket team.