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Whether it is a breakdown of the latest week of fiercely contested matchups within some of the biggest cricket leagues or an predicted preview of up and coming tournaments or competitions, we consistently highlight all of the latest cricket news within this sport’s world. Any news on injuries, transfers, line-ups or even controversies will be covered within our high quality articles that are released consistently, all of which are written by cricket experts.

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India Flag | Cricket Today
February 18, 2024

India Take A 2-1 Lead In The 2024 Test Series Vs England

After levelling up the series in the second test of the series, the India national cricket team aimed to replicate the fine form leading into the third match of the...

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2024 India vs England Test Series | Cricket Today
February 5, 2024

India Bounce Back In Second Test Against England

After a dominating first test for England, the India national cricket team hoped to bounce back in the second test of their 5 test series. After the Hyderababd heroics in...

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India vs England 2024 Test Series | Cricket Today
January 29, 2024

India Dismantled As England Win Sensational First Test

Tests between England and India are always highly contested any some of the most exciting matchups in the world of cricket, and the first 2024 test between the two cricketing...

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India vs England Test Series 2024 | Cricket Today
January 25, 2024

Previewing India vs England Cricket Test Series 2024

The anticipation only continues to build towards the first game day of India and Englands first test series of 2024. The two cricketing powerhouses however come off the back of...

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Cricket Net | Cricket Today
January 2, 2024

David Warner Announces ODI Retirement

In regards to all time greats who have taken to the field for the Australia cricket team, David Warner is one of the more iconic names which may come to...

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At Cricket Today you can ensure that every cricket fan can stay up to date and in the know with all the on goings within their favourite cricket leagues. From the Hundred Cricket League all the way to IPL cricket, all of these leagues have their own respective in depth guides, breaking everything down, from any records and franchise teams to the star players within them.

It's not just the leagues that we cover either, with all of the big tournaments and series such as the T20 World Cup and The Ashes cricket series having thorough guides, delving into everything there is to know surrounding these.

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If international cricket tests are more your forte, then we have a whole section dedicated to all of the best international cricket teams. From the teams with storied histories like Australia, England and India, all the way to the relative underdogs such as New Zealand and even Zimbabwe, each team has its own fully fleshed out blog article, highlighting everything from some of their most iconic matches and best players.

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