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Germany Cricket Team Guide

The Germany cricket team is an associate member of the ICC and is represented by the German Cricket Federation. The team is one of the rising international cricket teams coming out of Europe, showcasing the growth of the sport more widely on the continent. 

History of Germany Cricket Team

The German Cricket Federation was founded in 1998, and 3 years following this, the Germany cricket team became affiliate members of the ICC.  The nation actually made its international debut in 1989, though, facing off against the Denmark cricket team. However, they were represented as ‘West Germany’ before the country was reunified. In 1999, the Germany cricket team became an associate member of the ICC, subsequently playing in a range of European cricket tournaments. 2022 saw the Germany cricket team take part in their first-ever T20 World Cup qualifier, marking a significant step up in the nation’s competitiveness.

Top Run Scorers In Germany Cricket Team History

In the T20I era of cricket for the German team, there have been a number of notable batters. One is Vijayshankar Bangalore Chikkannaiah, with him being amongst a number of other batters to be the first to hit the 500-run mark. However, we mention him specifically as he was the first batter to record a high score above 8 for the Germany cricket team.

Top Wicket Takers In Germany Cricket Team History

Slow left-arm orthodox bowler Muslim Yar Ashraf was the first player to record 50 wickets for the Germany cricket team in T20I cricket, being a standout player after making his debut in 2019. Ghulam Ahmadi is another notable bowler, with him being the first to take 5 wickets in a T20I game for the Germany cricket team.

Memorable Games For The Germany Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Germany cricket team occurred in February 2022, facing off against the Ireland cricket team. This was a milestone for the Germans as this was their first-ever game against a full ICC member. Despite not coming out victorious, it showed the progress of the German cricket team in recent times.

Another standout game for the German cricket team took place in May 2019, with this seeing the Germans facing off against the Belgium cricket team. This was the first T20I game for the countries after both being granted full T20I status in the year prior, with this landmark game taking place at the Royal Brussels Cricket Club in Waterloo. The Germany cricket team took to the crease first and managed 128 runs from their 20 overs, with Harmanjot Singh ending his stint with 39 runs not out. Belgium responded impressively to the chase, mustering up a good number of runs. The Belgians merely missed out by 9 runs as the Germany cricket team claimed victory, partially thanks to Ahmad Wardak’s 3 wickets.

Rivals Of The Germany Cricket Team

The Germany cricket team does not have any specific rivalries with other nations; however, they have had fiercely competitive matches against the Italy cricket team and Spain cricket team in the past, all of which make for entertaining viewing.