Kuwait Cricket

Kuwait Cricket Team Guide

Governed by the Kuwait Cricket Association, the Kuwait Cricket team is an associate member of the ICC. Despite not being one of the big international cricket teams, recent years have seen Kuwait become an emerging cricketing nation, especially in the Middle Eastern region.

History of Kuwait Cricket Team

1979 saw the Kuwait cricket team play their first-ever international match; however, regular games wouldn’t be a thing until a few decades later. The Kuwait Cricket Association was founded in 1996 after cricket started to become more and more popular in the country. Two years after this, the Kuwait cricket team became an affiliate of the ICC and, in 2005, became an associate member.

Where Does The Kuwait Cricket Team Play?

The Kuwait Entertainment City Cricket Ground is one of the primary venues which has regularly played home for the Kuwait cricket team. The Sulabiya Ground is another venue, with both of these being located in the country’s capital, Kuwait City.

Former Captains Of The Kuwait Cricket Team

The Kuwait cricket team has had a number of captains since becoming a full T20I member, with Mohammed Nawfer Mohammed Aslam and Muhammad Kashif Sharif leading their nation out in various international cricketing competitions.

Top Run Scorers In Kuwait Cricket Team History

Bodadura Ravija Sandaruwan de Silva has been one of the most impressive batters since the Kuwait cricket team became a full T20I member. The all-rounder was the first to break 1000 runs in this format and was also the first batter to hit a century in a single game.

Top Wicket Takers In Kuwait Cricket Team History

Following the Kuwait cricket team gaining T20I status in 2018, Mohammed Nawfer Mohammed Aslam has been one of the most prolific wicket-takers. This left-arm slow bowler is also among the first to take 4 wickets in a single match for the Kuwait cricket team.

Memorable Games For The Kuwait Cricket Team

Back in 2004, the Kuwait cricket team had a standout performance in the ACC Trophy, pulling off a whole series of upsets. In the group stage, Kuwait defeated the Saudi Arabia cricket team by 52 runs, the Malaysia cricket team by an impressive 108 runs and won by 8 wickets against the Maldives cricket team.

In the quarter-finals, though, this is where the Kuwait cricket team pulled off the biggest upset. They went into this match facing off against the Afghanistan national cricket team and took to the crease first.  A number of impressive batting innings ensued, with Khalid But hitting over a century with 117 runs. Despite Nowroz Mangals’s 4 wickets, the Kuwait cricket team still managed to finish 242 all out. This proved to be a big chase for Afghanistan as they struggled to match the performance of the Kuwait batters. This was helped by Azmatullah Mohammad’s 3 wickets as the Kuwait cricket team won by 49 runs.

Rivals Of The Kuwait Cricket Team

The Kuwait cricket team can consider the Bahrain cricket team and Qatar cricket team as their rivals. This is not only due to their geographical proximity but also the fiercely competitive matches these nations have had in the past.