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Oman Women’s Cricket Team Guide

The Oman women’s cricket team represents Oman in international women’s cricket. Organized by Oman Cricket, the team has been a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 2000. They made their international debut at the 2009 ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship in Malaysia.

History Of Oman Women’s Cricket Team

Oman’s journey in women’s cricket began with their first international appearance back in 2009. Although their initial performance was modest, winning only a single match against Kuwait, it marked the start of their international cricket journey. The Oman women’s cricket team struggled in the 2011 edition of the tournament, failing to secure a win. However, they showed improvement in the inaugural Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Women’s Twenty20 Championship in 2014, the latter of which was hosted by Oman, seeing them finishing in third. This upward trajectory continued in subsequent tournaments.

In April 2018, the ICC granted full Women’s Twenty20 International (WT20I) status to all its members, allowing Oman’s matches to gain international recognition. The Oman women’s cricket team had its first WT20I matches in January 2020 during a triangular series against Qatar and Kuwait in Doha.

Where Does The Oman Women’s Cricket Team Play?

The Oman women’s cricket team plays their home matches at various stadiums, including the Oman Cricket Academy Ground in Muscat, which has hosted many visiting women’s cricket teams and several of their significant matches.

Former Captains Of The Oman Women’s Cricket Team

The Oman women’s cricket team has been led by various captains over the years, with Vaishali Jesrani being a notable leader. The captains have played pivotal roles in guiding the team through various international tournaments and series.

Top Run Scorers In Oman Women’s Cricket Team History

Fiza Javed and Sakshi Shetty have been two standout performers for the Oman women’s cricket team, with both of these players contributing significantly to the team’s batting prowess over the years and helping them amass match winning tallies.

Top Wicket Takers In Oman Women’s Cricket Team History

Amanda Dcosta has made a significant impact in the bowling department, being the first player for her nation to record 5 wickets in a single match against Kuwait in March 2022. This performance highlights the growing talent in the Oman women’s cricket team.

Memorable Games For The Oman Women’s Cricket Team

One of the team’s most memorable matches for the Oman women’s cricket team was against Saudi Arabia in March 2022, where they posted their highest team total at the time of 234/3. This game showcased the team’s batting strength and marked a high point in their cricketing journey.

Rivals Of The Oman Women’s Cricket Team

The Oman Women’s Cricket Team has faced various opponents in their cricketing journey. While specific rivalries have not been highlighted, they have had competitive matches against teams like the UAE women’s cricket team, contributing to the development of regional cricket rivalries.