Suriname Cricket

Suriname National Cricket Team Guide

The Suriname national cricket team represents Suriname in international cricket. Organised by the Suriname Cricket Board, it became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2011, having been an affiliate member since 2002

History of Suriname National Cricket Team

Cricket in Suriname likely began in the 1880s with a simple form called โ€œBat en Bal,โ€ introduced by immigrants from India. The first cricket club, Royal Scotts CC, was established in 1895. The Surinamese Cricket Bond (SCB) was formed in 1931, marking the start of regular competitions. The period between 1945 and 1968 is considered the golden era of the Suriname national cricket team, with notable performances against teams from Guyana and Trinidad. The sport saw a decline around 1968-1972 but revived in the early 1970s, partly due to the influx of Guyanese immigrants. Suriname’s international debut came in 2004 at the Americas Affiliates Championship in which they faced off against the Belize cricket team.

Where Does The Suriname National Cricket Team Play?

The Dr. E. Snellenpark, opened in 1954, has been a significant venue for the Suriname national cricket team. It witnessed great performances, especially during the sport’s heyday in the country where it hosted various international cricket teams.

Memorable Games For The Suriname National Cricket Team

One notable game for the Suriname national cricket team was their upset victory over the Bermuda cricket team in 2013, beating them by seven wickets at the Indianapolis World Sports Park. This match highlighted Suriname’s growing competence in the sport.

Rivals Of The Suriname National Cricket Team

Although the Suriname national cricket team doesn’t have any solidified rivalries, they have played a wide number of competitive matches against other sides from the Americas region such as the Bahamas cricket team and the Panama cricket team.