Qatar Cricket

Qatar Cricket Team Guide

The Qatar cricket team is one of the emerging cricketing nations coming from the Middle East, and despite them being relative novices compared to other giant international cricket teams, they have begun to prove their determination and skill set on the global stage.

History of Qatar Cricket Team

The late 20th century saw cricket make its way to Qatar, with the Qatar Cricket Association being founded in 1979. This specifically was a significant milestone in the country’s evolving sporting culture, with Qatar first becoming an affiliate member of the ICC in 1999. This status remained until 2017 when they became associate members.

Where Does The Qatar Cricket Team Play?

Despite seeing an explosion in popularity in recent times, the Qatar cricket team still has some historic venues which regularly host international matches. These include the West End Park International Cricket Stadium and the Asian Town Cricket Stadium. Both of these are located in the capital, Doha.

Former Captains Of The Qatar Cricket Team

Some of the best-ever players to take to the field for the Qatar cricket team have also captained their country, with Iqbal Hussain, Tamoor Sajiad, and Muhammad Murad all leading their country onto the oval over a number of different competitions.

Top Run Scorers In Qatar Cricket Team History

Right-hand batter Muhammad Tanveer was the first player to surpass 1,000 runs for the Qatar cricket team, with Kamran Khan and Mohammed Rizlan also being notable entries, all of whom made their debuts in 2019.

Top Wicket Takers In Qatar Cricket Team History

There are a handful of top wicket-takers who have played for the Qatar cricket team, some of the most notable ones being Iqbal Hussain, Mohammed Nadeem and Himanshu Rathod, all of whom have taken 4 wickets in a single match.

Memorable Games For The Qatar Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Qatar cricket team would have to be their international debut back in the 2002 ACC Trophy. Despite not making it past the first round, losing to the Nepal cricket team, Kuwait cricket team and UAE cricket team, this was a historic moment for the nation’s cricket team. Despite this, the next ACC Trophy in 2004 proved to be a major improvement, managing to come 4th overall.

After the ICC decided to grant all associate members full T20I status in April 2018, the Qatar cricket team made their Twenty20 International debut in January 2019. They faced the Saudi Arabian cricket team, winning the toss and fielding first. Tangier Sajjad managed to take 3 wickets from 11 balls as Saudi Arabia mustered up 126 runs from the 20 overs. This proved to be the catalyst for an inspirational chase as the batting partnerships were impressive, with an especially noticeable performance coming from Faisal Javed, who hit 43 from 26 balls. All in all, the Qatar cricket team left the game prematurely, winning by 4 wickets and almost 5 overs to spare.

Rivals Of The Qatar Cricket Team

The Qatar cricket team doesn’t exactly have any fierce rivalries. However, their regular matchups with the Singapore cricket team and the Kuwait cricket team often prove to be competitive matchups that are entertaining to watch.