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Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team Guide

Rwanda, known for its breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has also made its mark in the world of cricket. The Rwanda women’s cricket team represents this vibrant nation in international women’s cricket and has been a rising side establishing itself in the African region of women’s cricket.

History of Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team

Rwanda’s journey in women’s cricket began in 2007 with their first matches against the Uganda women’s cricket team. The Rwanda women’s cricket team participated in the 2008-09 East African Women’s Championship, marking the start of their international presence. The Rwandan Cricket Association, established in 2003, has been instrumental in developing the sport in the country. Notably, Rwanda hosted the annual Kwibuka T20 Tournament since 2014, a significant event in their cricket calendar.

In 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) granted full Women’s Twenty20 International (WT20I) status to all its members, including the Rwanda women’s cricket team. This move allowed Rwanda to play official WT20I matches, starting with their first against the Nigeria women’s cricket team in January 2019. The team has shown remarkable progress, winning awards like the Female Participation Programme of the Year and Associate Member Women’s Performance of the Year in the 2019 ICC Development Awards.

Where Does The Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team Play?

The Rwanda women’s cricket team plays their home matches at various stadiums, including the Gahanga International Cricket Stadium in Kigali, which has hosted several of their record-breaking matches as well as seeing the men’s Rwanda cricket team use it frequently.

Former Captains Of The Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team

The Rwanda women’s cricket team has seen several captains leading them to success. Notable among them is Marie Bimenyimana, who has been a significant figure in the team’s history, contributing both as a player and a leader on and off the pitch in some of the nations most important matches.

Top Run Scorers In Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team History

Gisele Ishimwe is one of the most notable batters to have played for the Rwanda women’s cricket team, holding the record for being the first to score 1000 runs for her country. Alongside Marie Diane Bimenyimana, these two players claimed the first centuries for the women’s national side.

Top Wicket Takers In Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team History

Henriette Ishimwe leads as the top run-scorer for the Rwanda women’s cricket team, with an impressive career spanning from 2019. This player was the first to claim over 60 wickets for her nation and was also the first to take 5 wickets in a singular game for her nation.

Memorable Games For The Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Rwanda women’s cricket team was against Mali in the Kwibuka Women’s T20 tournament, where they achieved a record victory at the time with 116 balls remaining. Their matches against Nigeria and the Namibia women’s cricket team have also been notable, showcasing their growing prowess in international cricket.

Rivals Of The Rwanda Women’s Cricket Team

The Rwanda women’s cricket team has developed rivalries with several sides over the years, with notable contests against the Kenya women’s cricket team and the Tanzania women’s cricket team. These matches have often been closely contested, adding to the excitement and development of cricket in the African region.