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Guernsey Cricket Team Guide

The Guernsey cricket team is represented by the Guernsey Cricket Board and is an internationally competing team that represents the crown dependency island territory in the English Channel. This team is an ICC associate member and is a competitive nation despite the island’s small size.

History of Guernsey Cricket Team

The channel island of Guernsey has had a long history of cricket after sailors visiting from Britain introduced the game whilst docked. The Guernsey cricket team was first granted ICC affiliate status in 2005 and later gained associate status in 2008.

Where Does The Guernsey Cricket Team Play?

There are two main cricket grounds where the Guernsey cricket team play their home games. These are the College Field Cricket Ground located at Saint Peters Port and the King George V Sports Ground further north on the island. Both of these have hosted many visiting international cricket teams.

Top Run Scorers In Guernsey Cricket Team History

Nicknamed ‘Frithy’, Jeremy Frith was one of the most prolific batters for the Guernsey cricket team during his stint between 2006 and 2013. The right-hand batter managed to be the first to reach 1900 runs and recorded an impressive 5 centuries during his career for his national team.

Top Wicket Takers In Guernsey Cricket Team History

David Hooper and James Nussbaumer were the first two bowlers to take over 80 wickets for the Guernsey cricket team, with these two players also being amongst the first to record multiple 4-wicket games.

Memorable Games For The Guernsey Cricket Team

Despite there being a number of previous matchups between the sides, the game against the Jersey cricket team in May 2019 was one of the most memorable for the Guernsey cricket team. This is down to the fact it was the first game both nations played as full ICC T20I members. Before play commenced, the Guernsey cricket team won the toss, choosing to field first. Nic Buckle managed to take 3 wickets from 26 balls as Jersey finished with 128 runs. Despite this score though, the Guernsey cricket team struggled to get a foothold at the crease, with Josh Butler getting the most runs with just 22 from 25 balls.  The game initially ended in a tie; however, the home nation, Jersey, managed to win the Super Over, a memorable instance in any game due to its rarity.

Rivals Of The Guernsey Cricket Team

The main rival of the Guernsey cricket team is neighbouring Channel Island Jersey. Matches between the Jersey cricket team are often tense and highly competitive due to the regional rivalry that applies to many other things, not just cricket. As well as this, the Guernsey cricket team has also played a number of close matches against the Malaysia cricket team in its history; however, this isn’t exactly a rivalry.