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The Gambia cricket team represents The Gambia in international cricket. They became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2002 and an associate member in 2017. The team’s history in cricket dates back to the colonial period when the British introduced the sport to the Gambia.

History of Gambia Cricket Team

Cricket in The Gambia began during the British colonial era. The Gambia cricket team played its first international match against the Sierra Leone cricket team in 1927. They were regular participants against other British West African colonies and later in the West African Championships. The Gambia was a member of the West Africa Cricket Council and fielded players in the West Africa cricket team until its dissolution. They made their ICC debut at the African affiliate championship in 2004 and made their T20I debut against the Eswatini cricket team in 2019.

Where Does The Gambia Cricket Team Play?

The Gambia cricket team plays its home matches in various stadiums across the country.  The team’s home ground is the newly-renovated July 22 Square Grounds in Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia. This has hosted a number of other international cricket teams when playing against the Gambian home side. 

Former Captains Of The Gambia Cricket Team

TheGambia cricket team has had several captains over the years. Notable among them is Peter Campbell, the recent captain. During his time with the team he made major contributions to the team’s success. 

Top Run Scorers In Gambia Cricket Team History

Some notable run scorers in the history of the Gambia cricket team include Muhammed Manga and Ismaila Tamba, both of whom have been responsible for impressive innings at the crease for their national side.

Top Wicket Takers In Gambia Cricket Team History

Some prominent wicket-takers for the Gambia cricket team in recent times are Aniru Conteh, Ismaila Tamba, and Modou Bojang, both of which have been standout especially in the T20I format.

Rivals Of The Gambia Cricket Team

While the Gambia cricket team doesn’t have any rivals, they’ve played a number of competitive games against the Nigeria cricket team and Ghana cricket team