Bermuda Cricket

Bermuda Cricket Team Guide

Governed by the Bermuda Cricket Board, the Bermuda cricket team represents the small Atlantic island nation of Bermuda. These are ICC associate members, and despite the country’s relatively small size, they have asserted themselves as cricketing fanatics, being highly competitive through a number of different eras.

History of Bermuda Cricket Team

The first instance of a Bermudian cricket team can be traced as far back as 1891 when cricketers toured New York. It was not until 1912 that Bermuda played their first-ever international match against the Australia cricket team. The Bermuda Cricket Board was founded back in 1938, and the Bermuda Cricket Team gained associate status in 1966. 1972 saw their first-ever first-class game, with this pitting the Bermudians against the highly ranked New Zealand national cricket team. Bermuda made their first major tournament appearance in 2007 and gained T20I status in 2018.

Where Does The Bermuda Cricket Team Play?

The Bermuda National Sports Centre hosts a wide number of home games for the Bermuda cricket team, with the White Hill Fields ground to the left side of the island also being host to many visiting international cricket teams.

Former Captains Of The Bermuda Cricket Team

Irving Romaine is one of the most notable captains of the Bermuda cricket team, with him leading his nation out on the biggest stage in the 2007 World Cup.

Top Run Scorers In Bermuda Cricket Team History

Irving Romaine and David Hemp are two of the most notable batters for the Bermuda cricket team in ODI cricket, with these both being the first to record centuries in this format. In T20I cricket, Kamau Leverock was the first to record 800 runs in this format and was also the first to hit a century in a match for the Bermuda cricket team.

Top Wicket Takers In Bermuda Cricket Team History

Slow left-arm orthodox bowler was the first to record 30 wickets for the Bermuda cricket team in ODI cricket, with them also being the first to take 5 wickets in a single match. Regarding T20I cricket, Delray Rawlins was the first to hit the 30-wicket mark for his nation.

Memorable Games For The Bermuda Cricket Team

One of the most memorable moments for the Bermuda cricket team was their first-ever appearance at the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup in 2007. This followed up on their qualifying for the semi-finals in the ICC Trophy and saw the team be placed in a group with powerhouses such as Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. In the opening game, the Bermuda cricket team lost against the Sri Lanka national cricket team, struggling to chase their 321 runs, only managing 76 all out.

The second game wasn’t too kind to the Bermuda cricket team either, as they lost to the India national cricket team in historic fashion. India managed to record 413/5, with this being the highest total posted in a World Cup match at that point. The 3rd game against the Bangladesh national cricket team was hit heavily with rainfall, with the game being limited to 21 overs for each time due to this. The Bermuda cricket team managed 94/9 in the 21 overs; however, the Bangladesh team managed 96 in just 17.3 overs despite losing 3 wickets in quick fashion. Despite not winning a game in this World Cup, it marked a significant point in the rise of cricket in Bermuda.

Rivals Of The Bermuda Cricket Team

The Bermuda cricket team wouldn’t consider any other nations as rivals specifically. However, they have had a whole number of competitive games against the Canada cricket team and Panama cricket team previously.