Mongolia Cricket

Mongolia Cricket Team Guide

Mongolia, a nation known for its vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture, is not traditionally associated with cricket. The sport however, especially in regards to the Mongolia cricket team, has been making inroads into the country, offering a new athletic avenue for Mongolian athletes.

History of the Mongolia Cricket Team

The history of cricket in Mongolia is relatively recent. The sport was introduced to Mongolia in the early 21st century. While the exact founding details are not widely publicised, the Mongolia cricket team has been participating in regional tournaments and is striving to make its mark in international cricket. They are yet to win significant tournaments but are known for their enthusiastic participation against the international cricket teams they face.

Where Does The Mongolia Cricket Team Play?

The Mongolia cricket team primarily plays its home matches in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The infrastructure for cricket in the country is still developing, with few dedicated cricket grounds available.

Former Captains of the Mongolia Cricket Team

The Mongolia cricket team has had a few captains who have led with distinction, one of these being Luvsanzundui Erdenebulgan. Erdenebulgan has played a major role in popularising the sport in his home nation. 

Top Run Scorers in Mongolia Cricket Team History

Davaasuren Jamyansuren is a right-handed batter who has been one of the most consistent at the crease in his time with the Mongolia cricket team. 

Memorable Games For The Mongolia Cricket Team

In September 2023, the Mongolia cricket team would make their T20I debut against the Nepal cricket team.  The Mongolian side fielded first, however, this would be the start of a batting onslaught from the Nepalese side, with the team amassing 314 runs, only conceding 3 wickets in this time. For any team this would be a difficult chase, however, considering the ranking of the Mongolia cricket team, this would require an otherworldly miracle. The team only managed 41 runs, and despite this landslide loss, it was still a milestone for the nation.

Rivals of the Mongolia Cricket Team

As of now, the Mongolia cricket team does not have a well-known rivalry with any specific nation. Their focus is more on developing the sport within the country and gaining experience by playing against various teams in regional tournaments. If the team was to have a rivalry it’d likely be against a team like the Maldives cricket team, as they’ve played competitive matches previously.