Morocco Cricket

Morocco Cricket Team Guide

Cricket in Morocco was introduced in 1991. The Moroccan cricket team, operated by the Federation Royale Marocaine De Cricket, represented Morocco in international cricket competitions. Despite its brief history, the team has made significant strides in the sport.

History of Morocco Cricket Team

The Morocco cricket team was formed under the guidance of former Test Cricketers Surinder and Mohinder Amarnath in 2002, funded by businessman Abdul Rahman Bukhatir. They debuted internationally in 2006 at the ICC World Cricket League’s Africa region Division Three, finishing fifth in an eight-team tournament. Their most notable achievement was hosting the Morocco Cup in 2002, an ODI triangular tournament in Tangier, featuring nations such as the Sri Lanka national cricket team, South Africa cricket team, and Pakistan national cricket team. However, due to violations against the ICC constitution, Morocco was expelled from the ICC in 2019.

Where Does The Morocco Cricket Team Play?

The Morocco cricket team played its home matches at the National Cricket Stadium in Tangier, an ICC-approved ground capable of hosting full internationals. This stadium was the venue for the 2002 Morocco Cup.

Memorable Games For The Morocco Cricket Team

One of the most memorable events for the Morocco cricket team was hosting the 2002 Morocco Cup in Tangier. As many prominent international cricket teams were invited, this helped increase the popularity of the sport in Morocco.

Rivals Of The Morocco Cricket Team

Due to its brief history and limited participation in international cricket, the Morocco cricket team did not develop significant rivalries with other cricketing nations. While they’ve not developed any serious rivals, they’ve played competitively against the Rwanda cricket team and the Mozambique cricket team