Hungary Cricket

Hungary Cricket Team Guide

The Hungary cricket team is the team that represents Hungary in international cricket. They became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2017 and have been participating in international competitions since their first official match in Prague against the Bulgaria cricket team in August 2008.

History of Hungary Cricket Team

Cricket in Hungary began to take shape with friendly matches played in Slovenia in September 2007. The Hungary cricket team played its first official international match in August 2008. They gained ICC affiliate member status in 2012 and became an associate member in 2017. The team achieved notable success by winning the European Twenty20 Championship in 2010 and successfully defended the title in 2011.

Where Does The Hungary Cricket Team Play?

The Hungary cricket team plays their home matches at the GB Oval in Sződliget, which has hosted several matches between international cricket teams.

Former Captains Of The Hungary Cricket Team

Some of the notable former captains of the Hungary cricket team include Andrew Leckonby, who led his nation to victory in the European Twenty20 Championship in 2010 and 2011.

Top Run Scorers In Hungary Cricket Team History

Some of the leading run-scorers in the team’s history include players like Sufiyan Mohammed, Eddie Allnutt, and Mike Glover, all of which were instrumental in the team’s success in the small scale regional European championships.

Memorable Games For The Hungary Cricket Team

One of the most memorable games for the Hungary cricket team was the final of the 2010 European Twenty20 Championship, where they beat a strong Russian side off the last ball. Another notable game for the Hungarians was their T20I debut against the Czech Republic cricket team back in September 2021.

Rivals Of The Hungary Cricket Team 

The Hungary cricket team has faced various opponents in the European region, but a specific rival has not yet been made. Two teams they have had some highly competitive matches between include the Austria cricket team and the Romania cricket team.