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Finland Cricket Team Guide

The Finland cricket team represents Finland in international cricket and is organised by Cricket Finland. The team has been actively participating in various European regional tournaments, playing against a wide array of international cricket teams over the years.

History of Finland Cricket Team

Cricket was first introduced in Finland during the 1960s and became formally organised in the 1970s under the Helsinki Cricket Club. The 1990s saw the establishment of more cricket clubs, leading to the foundation of the Finnish Cricket Association in 1999. Finland became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2000 and an associate member in 2017. The country played their first ever official international back in 2000, with this taking place against the Austria cricket team.

The sport has been growing steadily in the country, with over 10 teams competing in the national league, and a significant number of male and female players, coaches, and umpires are now actively involved in the country’s cricket today.

Where Does The Finland Cricket Team Play?

The Finland cricket team plays their matches in various stadiums within Finland, including locations in Kerava and Vantaa.

Former Captains Of The Finland Cricket Team

One of the most notable captains of the Finland cricket team is Nathan Collins. He is known for his right-handed batting style and his ability to bowl right-arm offbreaks. Collins embarked on his international cricket journey in 2019. When delving into his career statistics, it’s evident that he has showcased commendable skills, especially in the T20 International format. In the T20I matches he has played.

Top Run Scorers In Finland Cricket Team History

Nathan Collins is one of his country’s top run scorers. He has made a significant contribution to the Finland cricket team, being the first player to reach 600 runs in T20I cricket for his nation.

Top Wicket Takers In Finland Cricket Team History

In T20I cricket, Amhad Sher was the first player to make it past 30 individual wickets for hus country. Peter Gallagher is another notable bowler to have played for the Finland cricket team in this format.

Memorable Games For The Finland Cricket Team

One of the most memorable matches for Finland was their first ever T20I against the Denmark cricket team on the 13th July 2019. Despite Nathan Collins’ impressive 53 runs, Finland lost by just 1 run. This was still a game which helped highlight the significant steps the FInland cricket teams have taken in recent times.

Rivals Of The Finland Cricket Team

The Finland cricket team would likely consider the Sweden cricket team, Denmark cricket team and Norway cricket team to be their rivals. This is purely based on the countries geographical locations and their pre established rivalries in other sports.